Client :

Mullen Lowe


Old McDonald


Farm life has never looked more romantic than seeing it produced the way it should, and that is by hand, in a beautiful stop-frame. The story of two generations on one piece of land. Built as miniature sets and animated in a combination of stop-frame, CG and handmade puppets.



Client GWK
Agency Mullen Lowe
Animation Director Ruan Vermeulen
Executive Producer Vanessa Carrara
Creative Director Ruan Vermeulen
Illustration Ryan de Carte
Arnu van der Westhuizen
3D Team Lead Anru Brown
Compositing Christiaan Venter
Jannes Hendriks
Anru Brown
Modeling & Texturing Matt Lindebaum
Alex Rymil
Lighting Anru Brown
Pre-Viz Anru Brown
Matt Lindebaum
Rigger Rob Pita
3D Animation Rob Pita
2D Animation