Client :

Amazon Web Services


This is Alpha


Business is constantly changing. Introducing Alpha, the transformation accelerator that lays the foundation for future success in the ever-changing business environment. A cloud-based modular system to help you assemble what you need to build quickly. A visual simulation of how users can model and shape their own toolkit.



Client Deloitte
Agency Acne London
Animation Director Ruan Vermeulen
Executive Producer Caron Sandler
Creative Director Ruan Vermeulen
Illustration Arnu van der Westhuizen
3D Team Lead Anru Brown
Compositing Anru Brown
Pieter Jordaan
Modeling & Texturing Matt Lindebaum
Alex Rymil
Lighting Anru Brown
Pre-Viz Anru Brown
Rigger Rob Pita
3D Animation Rob Pita
Justin Kantor
2D Animation Pieter Jordaan