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Living with MS


The human body becomes a beautiful & imaginative system in this explainer video for youngsters on how these systems sometimes go a little wrong. Let our 3D Character and his companion take you on a not-so-scary adventure explaining MS and MRI scans.



Client Blast
Agency Langland
Animation Director Ruan Vermeulen
Executive Producer Caron Sandler
Creative Director Petrus Nel
Arnu van der Westhuizen
Illustration Petrus Nel
Arnu van der Westhuizen
Jordan Talbot
Isaac Anthony
3D Team Lead Anru Brown
Compositing Alex Rymil
Matt Lindebaum
Anru Brown
Thys Lotter
Modeling & Texturing Alex Rymil
Matt Lindebaum
Lighting Anru Brown
Alex Rymil
Pre-Viz Alex Rymil
Matt Lindebaum
Rigger Rob Pita
3D Animation Rob Pita
2D Animation Edwin de Swardt